Rainbow Rangers Published by: Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group



Rainbow Rangers: Rockin’ Rainbow Colors: Each Rainbow Ranger rocks a different color of the rainbow! Meet each superhero, their power & learn their matching colors!



Rainbow Rangers: The Quest for the Confetti Crystal: A super sweet, adorable story about how Floof, Rainbow Ranger’s pet tries to retrieve special Confetti Crystal when it disappears.



Rainbow Rangers: To the Rescue: Three Rainbow Rangers work as a team to reunite the polar bear family when a melting ice floe separated a polar bear cub from his mother.



Rainbow Rangers: Meet the Team: Get to know superhero girls who live in a magical land. They help protect Earth & save animals. Each has a unique power & personality!


Halloween Stories Published by Candlewick Press

Pick a Pumpkin

by Patricia Toth & illustrated by Jarvis



Halloween is such an exciting time. There are many Halloween traditions, from decorating the house, dressing up in spooky and fun, colorful costumes, going trick-or-treating and visiting the pumping patch. This playful book celebrates one of those traditions; picking a pumpkin from the patch.

I love the rhythmic text and how vividly we can follow a step by step fun from choosing the perfect pumpkin, carving it and making a beautiful, glowing jack-o’-lantern.

My kiddo adores this book and we can’t wait to pick our own pumpkin!

Hide and Seek

by Katie May Green



Kids will have an amazing time listening to this spooky bedtime story. At the top of the Shiverhawk Hall live children in pictures on the wall. When the moon rises, the DeVillechild twins are missing from their frames. The rest of the Shiverhawk children search for the girls, playing a game of hide and seek. Will the children be able to find the twins and return home to their paintings before the sunrise?

Spooky and fun. I love the creative and imaginative story. It has lots of character and charm. You just want to keep turning page after page and can’t wait to see what happens.

The Right One for Roderic

by Violeta Noy



All ghosts wear white sheets. But one little ghost named Roderic wants to wear something different. He tries all sorts of things: a bag, a rug, a boot. Can he find the right one for him? This sweet story about standing out and being true to yourself is just the sweetest story.

Ghosts can be scary. But this family of ghosts is so darn cute. I really like that this story adds a nice personality and character to Roderic, making it playful and to stand out. The story makes you feel a sense of warmth and being friendly with Roderic.

Give Me Back My Bones

by Kim Norman & illustrated by Bob Kolar



Take a underwater scavenger hunt as a silly pirate skeleton tries to put itself back together piece by piece. I love how the rhymes just jump at you. My kiddo was giggling and laughing as each page reveals pieces of the skeleton and he tries to put himself into one piece. It’s very entertaining and a blast to read along!




If Animals Went To School by Ann Whitford Paul


If animals went to school…what would they do? This sweet story shows how some adorable creatures are excited for school while others have the case of first day jitters. I like this charming story. It shows a familiar yet different side of how kids can be excited or nervous for school.


My kiddo liked when the animals came to school. They were being goofy and silly; playing, practicing writing letters, munching on books and having a good time. It shows us that something new can be scary, but as we became used to the situation, it won’t be as scary and we will feel more comfortable. I remember the time when I was in school. I was always nervous at first but as the day went by, I felt more comfortable and I knew that everything will be ok.


When Pencil Met Eraser by Karen Kilpatrick and Luis O. Ramos, Jr


I love school supplies; they are super cute and fun. This funny, charming, artistic story about teamwork and how Pencil and Eraser became best friends is a must read.  When they first met, everything Pencil draws is fine the way it is. He loved to draw and work alone. But Eraser has some different ideas, he liked to erase everything. I love the creative side of the story and how two different characters found that they can be better together.


My little one loved Pencil and Eraser. The story opens kids’ minds that anything is possible and there are no limits to creativity and imagination. The drawings in the book are very appealing; it really makes the characters come alive. I also like that the story shows us that we are unique in our own way and we can appreciate one another despite our differences.


TinkerActive Workbooks: Science


TinkerActive Workbooks are fun new activity books that will engage and entertain your little ones. They are very colorful and include lots of hands-on and curriculum-based exercises, science projects and activities.


They are divided into many sections like seasons, severe weather, water, sun, parts of a plant, plant survival, animal survival, animal habitats, animals & the environment, people & the environment, reduce/reuse/recycle, pulls, pushes, and collisions. It includes lots of cute stickers and a merit badge.


These STEM based workbooks are very fun to do. There are simple instructions and you only need basic household items for the projects. I like that it encourages little ones to explore and discover many topics and once a project is complete, they get a reward, a sticker.

One of the many activities we did was learn about the seasons, what the seasons are and what happens during each season. With lots of pictures, I like that each activity helps kids remember what they learned. I like that there are a variety of topics covered and kids have many ways to learn about the world around them. We have a blast doing these activities.


King of the Mole People

King of the Mole People by Paul Gilligan, published by Henry Holt and Company, Macmillan Publishers, a hilarious new middle grade novel you will not want to put down.


This wacky adventure follows Doug Underbelly, a seventh grader trying to be normal in middle school. He lives in a creaky old mansion surrounded by gravestones and just been crowned king of the Mole People, a supernatural population feuding with the Slug People and the Mushroom People. It’s up to Doug to restore peace in their kingdom, all while navigating seventh grade! This book is very interesting and unique. All the adventures make seventh grade much more exciting!

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The Magic School Bus: Rides Again Exploring Oceans




The Young Scientists Club has lots and lots of amazing and educational science kits for kids. Let’s take a ride with Ms. Frizzle and her students on a The Magic School Bus into Exploring Oceans kit.



We love the beach. It is not only fun but relaxing as well. I also love the ocean life, the beauty and all the adorable creatures and plants that live there. How awesome it would be to have the beach/ocean at home? Exploring Oceans is an exciting kit that explores all kinds of topics related to oceans through experiments and activities. Kids will learn that oceans are important for the survival of many animals and plants. In this kit, kids have the opportunity to test hypotheses, play with stickers, be creative, explore about ocean life and learn incredibly things.


There are many facts and cool materials included in this kit; so much to learn. We can use the magnifying glass to look at a starfish in more detail. My kiddo and I love identifying the various parts of the starfish.


Kids will also be able to play a matching game. Look at the poster with different pretty shells and match the shells to the correct card. This is really fun. What a creative way to learn about the different type of shells.


There is also a memory game. The cards have ocean animals and facts about those animals. Turn the cards upside down on a table and take turns trying to match the animal photo to the fact card of that animal. I like this activity as well, great way to build memory and learn about sea creatures.


This kit also comes with sand and a rake. You can hide the shells in sand and have kids be little explorers, dig into the sand to find the shells.


There are also tons of experiments kids can do using salt and other everyday household things.

You can check out The Young Scientists Club on their website at and on Amazon. You will have a blast playing and learning with this kit!